Assurance Wireless Brings Free Cell Phone Service to California

When it comes to phones in the United States, you’ll have to fork extra a monumental deal of money to get one. Even if you wanted to move along a prepaid option or one that doesn’t require a high entry fee, you’ll end up having to reciprocate a great separate monthly. That’s all surrounding to change, especially for those that are living in the state of California. Assurance Wireless is rolling out dead free cell phone service and it’s starting to create a stir amongst those that are looking to cut their communication bill and still get high quality service.

For those that are tired of having to quantity with the lots issues that come with cellular phone services, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution that is neither going to cost you at all. For customers that become eligible for this option, you’ll receive a free phone, 250 free minutes, and 250 free texts on a monthly basis. There is no paramount catch here, you’ll be suited to utilize this service with out every major strings and you will not swindle to fork over some additional payments unless you want else than the basics.

For those that are looking for larger plans including total amounts concerning options, there are some great prices that can be added to the free version. You can even add Virgin Mobile cards or even pay with third party money solutions. Those that aren’t keen on paying anything, will dig up that you don’t stage to, if you slab accompanying the original baseline options, you’ll possess lenient service that is being subsidized by the United States Government so that anyone that is not able to afford the luxury of a cellular device, can rise one with no further fees.

It’s important to note that not everyone will qualify for this program. There are certain parameters that need to be met awaiting you can gain your hands on this option. Not but that, not every state testate allow people to get this, as there are just 33 states that allow you to utilize the Assurance Wireless option to gain directive devices. Checking with your state will help you determine what the requirements are, but one thing is for sure, California is on the list of states that will soon roll out completely free cell phone services.

For those that are refusal appercipient on this option et al lack more than just the free options, plans are pro re nata minify as $30 a month for unlimited talk, text and web, and smaller tiered increments for less minutes and text. The bottom line here is that cheap directive for the masses is going to be something that will definitely be important to have, and it’s a fact that most may denial grasp about. For those that are looking to get a phone, but don’t have the means to pay a great compromise of money, the time is nowadays to look into this amazing option. Don’t pay indeed much, look at the plans offered by Assurance Wireless, especially the free options, today.