Bluetooth headset that better! Teach you how to buy a Bluetooth headset,

SGX regulations Laila! !Some car friends require to be able to answer the phone while driving, so they appeared Wireless beats the Wireless Beats not only security save also has become a trend, more and more welcomed by everyone. Bluetooth headset on the market a large category, cohabitation, how to choose a good Bluetooth headset has become a difficult problem for many of my friends, the author has some of their own experiences, share with everyone Bluetooth headset choose Notes.

Note cheap wireless headphone transmission distance:
We use cheap wireless headphone is that without the shackles of the headphone cable, so the size from the effective distance of cheap wireless headphone is particularly important. Whether driving or at home to answer the phone, mobile phones customarily do not leave their 10 meters, so the time of procurement in accordance with the distance on the line.

2 Note that the Bluetooth headset compatibility:
Optional Bluetooth headset, the alpha main concern is their optional Bluetooth headset with their phones is compatible, nay all of the bluetooth wireless earphones

Are able to connect to your phone, this is mainly because of the different specifications of the Bluetooth headset. Divided into two specifications concerning HFP and HSP. For this do not understand, you can directly contact the store on it.

3 Note that the Bluetooth headset chip brand:
Bluetooth headset is the most important part of the chip, the more famous chip dealers are Zeevo from the CRS of the United Kingdom and the United States. They each have their retain characteristics, if not grade fever, as long therefore any of the chips are ok.

To buy their favorite shape:
In the conditions of the above criteria are met, the next step is to consider the shape of the Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headset is a fashion, so it is always wrong to choose innovative design but also ante attention to whereas the optional Bluetooth headset wear a comfortable, attention to these details will be able to acquisition cost-effective Bluetooth headset.