Introducing AirPrint with Epson – Wireless Printing From Your iPad in Cork

Introducing AirPrint with Epson - Wireless Printing From Your iPad in Cork

Epson have introduced their aptly named small-in-one Epson Xpression XP-305 so you container print from your iPad. This printer is part regarding Epson’s smallest range ever about all-in-one home inkjet printers. This printer, scanner and copier provides printing at affordable prices and uses the Epson T1811 ink cartridges. The printer will also accept the compatible ink cartridges as well as the original brand without any real issues.

The real benefit of this printer is that it is AirPrint ready from the word go and has automatic Wi-Fi set up. This printer comes with Connect (this requires a wireless connection), offering flexibility to instantly and easily connect wirelessly to smartphones and tablet PCs. In addition, the AirPrint means you can print from anywhere in the world by simply emailing documents and photos directly to the printer! In addition to this, a 3.6cm LCD colour screen and a memory card slot offers the user easy touse printing with all the helpful prompt menus you might need.

Searching for affordable compatible ink cartridges in Cork couldn’t be simpler as the T1811XL ink cartridges are readily available locally et cetera on-line. Incidentally, the high capacity ink cartridges are the supreme value giving bigger page yields.

Advantages of the XP-305 AirPrint:

1. Small compact printer – all in one printer, copier, scanner
2. 3.6cm Colour LCD Screen – cuts gone the need for PC for printing
3. Epson Connect – Giving you PC bail and mobile printing over Wi-Fi and email.
4. Auto Wi-Fi determined up – Simple to connect wirelessly
5. Individual colour inks – takes four colours, only replace the colour that runs out.

AirPrint Basics:

AirPrint is essentilally Apple technology that testament basically allow you to print without the need to install drivers. AirPrint is being built interested multitudinous new printer models from all the popular printer manufacturers. You can select an AirPrint printer from your local network and print from your smartphone or tablet.

PC idle printing will change the face of printing forever, Google Cloud printing is also supported with the XP-305 and will allow users to print ad hoc and on the go from a smartphone or table. Put the advantages of using this printer with the agreeable ink cartridges and this small-in-one printer from Epson suddenly becomes a big deal!