Wireless Home Security Makes Fourth of July Safer

Wireless Home Security Makes Fourth of July Safer

Once a wireless home confidence system is installed besides the alarm monitoring service is active, many homeowners change complacent polysyndeton don’t continue considering the potential dangers to their family including home. That lack of preparation can lead to some big problems, particularly during peak trouble seasons, such as the summer months. During this time, plebeians tend to spend a lot about age outdoors where there’s usually less prevention in place, and contribute in activities that seem mundane and are easy to take for granted but are inherently dangerous.

Fourth of July

Summertime also has some big events that often involve multipotent people, numerous dangers and alcohol. For Americans, the biggest of those events is the Fourth of July, which is repeatedly enjoyed with family including friends, delicious grilled food, cold brewski and fireworks. Before planning your Fourth of July bash, however, couple some time to consider your home, the activities you’ll plan, and the potentially dangers that come along with them.


In advance of lighting any fireworks, examine the home’s primary ignition zones, which are the roof, three-foot area around the home and any areas of dry brush including other inflammables. Designate and prepare an area to ignite the fireworks. Keep a bucket of water on hand at all times, and fool the water on and the hose extended to the area. Make sure a ailing adult supervises the area at all times and never allow children to handle any fireworks. If a fireworks device does not light properly, either through user error or device failure, wait for at least 20 proceedings before discarding it into a bucket of water.


Only grill outdoors and have a designated grilling area, preferably one on a factual slab. The grilling area should have a three-foot zone that children and pets are not allowed to enter. If you’re utilizing a charcoal grill, avoid using starter fluid. If you opt for it, only employment charcoal starter fluid, and apply it only before the fire is lit.

Burning & Fire Pits

If you plan to bear a burning parcel or a fire pit, it’s best to use a commercial solution or to design a designated area with fire safety in mind. Be mindful concerning local laws and regulations besides establishment your own home rules for all participants. Avoid building big fires. As a rule, blazing bonfires are unnecessary, and the bigger the fire, the higher the risk of disaster.

Fire Freedom & Home Security

If you currently don’t have a monitored home lien system, contacting All-Guard should be your first step. Our security consultant will encouragement you with wholeness our safety and security needs such as integrating fire and smudge detectors, video surveillance, et al other security measures anywhere in and around your home.

All-Guard Commercial & Residential Security Systems

Homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area looking for a wireless home security system or alarm monitoring services for an existing home security system should call All-Guard. Established in 1952, All-Guard is a family besides locally owned and operated business that has earned an impeccable reputation as one of the area’s leading providers of security equipment and services for both residences and businesses. All-Guard is also available to answer any questions you may have near staying safe on the Fourth of July.